LA HLPP (pronounced "LA Help")
From 2013 to 2018, the Los Angeles HIV Law and Policy Project's collective mission was to work collaboratively to address the evolving law and policy needs of the most vulnerable people living with HIV in LA County.  On May 31, 2018, LA HLPP permanently closed its intake line and is no longer providing direct legal services.
How can LA HLPP help?

LA HLPP has preserved several resources that relate to the legal needs of people living with HIV.  These resources include referrals to other legal services organizations. Referrals can be accessed by clicking on the Referrals category  listed above.  Additionally, if you are seeking basic information regarding HIV laws in California, a helpful guide is available.

Please note the information contained on this website does not constitute legal advice.  If you are seeking legal advice, please contact an organization that will be listed in one of the referral sections for further assistance.  

This website contains resources and referral information curated by LA HLPP staff  regarding several areas of law, including (1) housing; (2) immigration; (3) debtor/creditor; (4) discrimination; (5) public benefits; (6) advance planning; and (7) criminal law.