Have you received a "notice to vacate" or an "unlawful detainer"?

If yes, then contact the Inner City Law Center

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Los Angeles, CA 90021
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Has your landlord changed the locks on your door without obtaining an eviction order?

If yes, then this is illegal.  Here's what you should do:

1. Get some friends or family there with you.

2. Gather any documents (utility bills or mail with your name and address on it, etc.) that prove you live there

3. Stay home and call the police and state definitively that you have been illegally locked out of your home by your landlord

4. Contact the Inner City Law Center (see above).

The bottom line is that landlords must go through the courts in order to evict a tenant or resident, even if that resident isn't named on the lease.  It is illegal to conduct a lockout without an eviction order from a judge and any landlord or property manager who does so is subjecting themselves to punitive damages. 

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